Improv Everywhere: Dance Captain Wanted

Charlie from Improv Everywhere writes, "We set up 100 dancers in a park and put a platform in front of them. Watch what happens."

Our crew of dancers appeared unannounced. Once they were in place we removed some park barricades to reveal the platform and the Dance Captain Wanted sign. Then we hit the music and waited. This is my favorite part of these types of missions, waiting for the first person to step up. Who will say yes first?

Of course once one person goes, the floodgates open and everyone wants their turn. After each dancer left the platform, a new one quickly hopped on.

Our dancers were a diverse crew with ages ranging from 2 to over 65.

The dance captains were equally diverse and included people of all ages.

And most had awesome dance moves!

Our participants definitely got a work out. We staged it twice during the day, each time for about 30 minutes.

Dance Captain Wanted
[Charlie/Improv Everywhere]