Amusing drunk caught on police bodycam wants footage off the net

In this footage, Sgt. Eric Kannberg deals calmly with a belligerent drunk, Cory Counts, using de-escalation techniques even after Counts gets physical. After Kannberg gets a push from Counts and it comes time to haul him to the drunk tank, Kannberg decides not to pursue through a crowd, instead stalking him at a distance until a safe opportunity presents itself. Counts earned a misdemeanor charge and the the ignominy of having the footage posted to Spokane P.D.'s Facebook page.

The video appeared on SPD's Facebook page Wednesday, where it has garnered almost 4,000 shares and more than 400,000 views. The media site Worldstar Hip Hop, which often features videos of people fighting, picked it up a day later, where it has received over 150,000 views.

Naturally, Counts is threatening to sue because of the embarrassment this causes him. So Counts now will get to experience the Streisand Effect, too!

The ACLU is backing him, though, and there is a serious issue at hand: police should not get to selectively edit and editorialize footage that could then poison the jury pool.

The solution seems obvious: all bodycam footage should be made public within a day or two just like anything else on the blotter, unless the standard exceptions prevail (ongoing investigations, minors, vulnerable people, etc)