White supremacist David Duke continues to campaign for Trump

As Donald Trump embarrassingly attempts to convince black America that he is on their side, famous hate-monger David Duke continues to imply the two are a pair.

Via HuffPo:

Duke's strategy to invoke Trump is shrewd. That's because the white nationalist movement, which has festered on the political margins for decades, is experiencing an alarming resurgence in mainstream culture, with its current manifestation rebranded as the "alt-right." The shift is at least in part related to the unprecedented boost that white supremacy groups have received during Trump's campaign.

The relationship between Trump and Duke hasn't exactly been reciprocal. Trump eventually disavowed Duke's support and has publicly denounced white supremacy, but continues to wink to its supporters. He denies he's a racist, but continues making racist remarks. His ever-changing immigration policies include the deportation of millions. He has pledged to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. And he has a habit of retweeting messages posted by white supremacists and sharing them with his 11 million Twitter followers ― one anti-Semitic Trump tweet was later parroted by Duke on Twitter.