Better video of the legendary "controlled" explosion of a beached whale

We've posted about this in the past, but it was brought to my attention that the legendary exploding whale news report was rebroadcast not long ago, meaning that the best quality possible (given the age of the 8mm film) is now available for your whale-exploding pleasure.

You can see the chunks much better now, and the audio quality is also improved compared to the older version: a more satisfying boom followed by some nice wet slapping noises as whalebits rain down.

In celebration of Portland television station KATU's 50th year on the air, the station's "AM Northwest" program rebroadcast Paul Linnman's original exploding whale news report and interviewed Linnman over the phone afterward. The video seen here, in its entirety, is of slightly better quality than previous videos.

Visit for more information on what remains one of the most incredibly bad ideas to be caught on film.