Use this app and you'll never miss a deadline again

We've all been there: you're working on a big project, you think you know when everything needs to be done, and then you realize—you completely dropped the ball on a major deadline.

Aeon Timeline 2 is a new app we found that makes sure you never do that again. 

It's basically a smart timeline tool that helps you manage your workload in a single, easy-to-understand interface. Unlike complex project management apps that tend to make projects even more confusing, Aeon Timeline's interface is super easy to get used to. Here's how it works: its smart technology visually maps out components of your project (whether that's chapters in a novel, future tasks to complete, or specific events that are upcoming) into a timeline.

From there, you can add other items to your timeline like people, places, and story arcs. Plus, you can assign resources and employees to certain events, create dependencies so things are completed in the right order, and even link events with images and external documents.

You might not be incredibly detail-oriented, but with Aeon Timeline 2, no one will know the difference. Now you can get Aeon Timeline 2 for Mac and Windows for 50% off (just $24.99) in the Boing Boing store.