Video explores a pristine slot canyon in the Cascades

"What would a secret and remarkably pristine slot canyon hidden in the wilderness of the Oregon Cascades have to say to those who first step foot into its halls?" This serene video imagines those words of wisdom.

The sonorous narration by by Tish Iceton adds to the awe of finding such an untouched place, first explored in 2015.

Getting to the canyon in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness is "a multiple day hike off a remote forest road into a thick old growth forest." The experts who went for this shoot make it very clear that the trip could kill you if you're not prepared.

You don't go to Valhalla — you plan to go to Valhalla. For example, water temperature is a big concern. Safety expert Jared Smith traveled through Valhalla last summer. The professional canyoneer climbed, rappelled and swam through the gorge. "If you don't have a wet suit, you're going to die of hypothermia, it's that cold," Smith said of the chilly waters.

The team took great pains to leave no trace, including cleaning all gear prior to departure to avoid introducing invasive plant species.

Discovering Valhalla: Oregon's Hidden Gorge (via Uncage the Soul)