The excellent Politically Re-Active podcast will get you through this election season

This insane presidential election season hasn't been easy on anyone, but comedians W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu are here to help you through it.

In their newly launched podcast Politically Re-Active, Bell and Kondabolu break down current events and heady political concepts in a funny, unpretentious way. Though race and social justice are a through-line throughout the show, Bell and Hari Kondabolu have tackled all sorts of different topics, from the Olympics to feminism to private prisons.

The podcast launched this summer so it's not too hard to get caught up on its back catalogue. While all of the episodes have been great so far, two particular standouts are the conversation about black liberation with cultural critic/filmmaker dream hampton and an intro to gerrymandering with author David Daley. You can find all of the Politically Re-Active episodes on the show's website and wherever you listen to podcasts.