USPS is being sued for not giving a damn that one of its mailmen was a pervert

Former mail carrier Robert J. Taitano of Tacoma, Washington went to prison in July 2015 for assault with sexual motivation and criminal trespass. But if the United States Postal Service had its druthers, Mr. Taitano would still be harassing and fondle women with abandon. Now one of his victims has filed a lawsuit against the USPS.


When a detective investigated, he uncovered USPS complaint files dating back to 2002 in which a salon owner, a store clerk and two apartment managers accused Taitano of harassing and touching them.

The suit says USPS managers rarely took action in the face of all the complaints. The suit says USPS did try to fire Taitano in 2004, but a Dispute Resolution Team gave Taitano his job back.

Turner's attorney, Kevin Hastings of Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala, says Taintano was returned a mail route and continued to harass and sexually assault female customers.

Taitano, a registered sex offender, is out of prison and living in Tacoma.