This insane DIY fan-made Daft Punk helmet even comes with WIFI

LoveProps has indeed crafted a "Perfect Daft Punk Helmet," and I dare say it's better than the original worn by the band.

"The designing, building and programming of the GM01 unit took more than one year of daily work," says the maker, who is a fan. "Finishing it with the desired quality was a huge odyssey."

Damn. This thing is no joke.


7 - The right scale

Here's all the build info.

From LoveProps:

More than just a tribute of the Daft Punks GuyMan. A hand made sculpted model, grade A+ attention to detail, custom design PCB electronics, Wifi, MIDI, motion/audio interaction, 250 RGB leds and a huge programming job , make this unit a really special tribute to the iconic helmet. A light instrument designed for composing and generate music for the eyes, housed on a one-of-a-kind high quality redesigned GM helmet.

How I Made it Guide

I'm not affiliated to Daft Punk, this is a fan tribute for creative and artistic proposals.

2 - Curved Rainbow sides

3 - 210 SMD RGB LEDs

LoveProps describe themselves as follows:

A maker team that expends as much free time as possible to take part or develop prop-making projects and electronics/software dedicated to props/cosplay and unique objects. We work hard and durable materials, such as bondo, tinted resins, clear resins, plastics, acrylics… Applying techincs as 3D designing, 3D printing, thermoforming, silicone molds, painting, weathering, clear coats… We love technology related projects with futuristic feeling. We work custom design electronics, PCBs, through hole soldering, SMD soldering , custom connectors and ribbons, wireless connections and interactive sensors. We love to go further than replicas, expand the original features exploring with nowadays technology, mechanisms and robotics. We love what we do, and the dedication and perfectionism is reflected in the final result of our projects, commonly special and unique pieces.

4 - LED Customizatinon

5 - Grade A mirror surface in the chrome

6 - Long-lasting autonomy

8 - Cool red pool is cool

[All images and video by LoveProps via IMGUR]