Revolution 60 is live! Brianna Wu's all-female action game

Frank Wu writes, "The long-awaited Special Edition of our videogame 'Revolution 60' has just been released for iOS and PC!"

"'Rev60' tells the story of a crack, all-female team of operatives who steal a spaceship and try to take over a malfunctioning orbital weapons platform. If they fail this mission, it will mean an all-out nuclear war (so no pressure). Spearheaded by tech feminist and Gamergate nemesis Brianna Wu, the game has simplified controls to allow people who aren't hardcore gamers to play a game with a storyline. The original version of 'Revolution 60' won iMore's 2014 iOS Action Game of the Year. The special edition has fancier sets and costumes, improved lighting, and extra scenes that deepen the characters. One choice changes everything – The fate of the world depends on your decisions!"