The women held a vote, and you're not allowed to talk to anyone ever again

Ursula Vernon's amazing, wry poem, "This Vote Is Legally Binding," is a double-barreled, remorselessly funny blast at the mansplainers, man-babies, and political correctness whiners of the world, written "In response to all those articles about talking to women with headphones."

Someone always says it, whenever it comes up:
"I guess I'm just not allowed to talk to anyone any more!"

It is my duty to inform you that we took a vote
all us women
and determined that you are not allowed to talk to anyone
ever again.

This vote is legally binding.

This Vote Is Legally Binding [Ursula Vernon/Livejournal]

(via Making Light)

(Image: Overhead Shot of Girl Listening to Music Using Headphones by Gavin Whitner)