These are some of the coolest corny nerd sidewalk chalk drawing signs we've ever seen

"So I've been drawing sidewalk signs for my friend's bar for almost a year," says IMGURian Ollie Wolff Pruitt aka littlewolff4h.

"Here's what I've done."

23 - We sure do love our corny jokes

03 - I would pretty much just draw funny stuff that someone would find on the internet
06 - Jokes man

04 - Some days I wouldn039t have as much time so I039d just do quick lettering

05 - Hey look a clever pun

07 - Promo board for a cool event that the bar does

09 - cOy1uBU

10 - More letters

11 - I found this Oatmeal comic and thought it was perfect for a bar owned by cat lovers

12 - The first of my Wayward Pets series

13 - More jokes and fun letters

14 - Hedgehogs

15 - Apparently people like golf enough to devote a whole weekend to it

16 - Dinosaur Sign

17 - Bear on the Square weekend

18 - Aside from having a great booze selection Spirits really is devoted to celebrating diversity

19 - It039s true

20 - Another Wayward Pet

22 - More Dinosaurs because you can never have enough

"This was from my first day doing the sign. It was hella nice out so I had my dog with me. (He's a good boy. His name is Dingo and he probably loves you.) The joint is called Spirit's Tavern and they have incredible burgers and other delicious food options, plus tons of tasty drinks. It's located in my hometown of Dahlonega, GA, at the beginning of the Appalachian Trail."

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