Supermaker John Edgar Park shares his bitters recipe

Within days of our move to Los Angeles last summer, John Edgar Park and family came over with a bottle of his homemade bitters. It's been a year of astounding cocktails, thanks to him.

Now, the supermaker — late of Disney R&D, now with Adafruit — shares his recipe with Make and the whole wide web.

151-proof grain alcohol, 375ml
100-proof bourbon, 375ml
Zest of one lemon peeled with a vegetable peeler
Quinine extract, 1⁄4tsp from a health food store
Wormwood extract, 1tsp from a health food store
Tellicherry peppercorns, 2tsp
Cinnamon stick
Fresh ginger root, 2″ piece
Allspice berries (6)
Cloves (4)
Dried cherries, 1c
Vanilla bean split in half length-wise, with its seeds scraped and reserved to add to jar
Raw sugar, 1⁄4c

John Edgar Park's Ultimate Bitters Recipe [John Edgar Park/Make]