Oxygen absorbing bottle caps for longterm home-brew storage

Instead of kegging, I wanted to set up a batch of beer that I could more easily share with friends. I decided to bottle a barleywine with these O2 absorbing bottlecaps.

The idea is these caps will draw what little oxygen is in your bottle out. This should help preserve the beer by keep things from using that o2 to grow bad flavors. Can't be a bad idea, and at $6.42 for 144 I do not like I'm just wasting money.

Cellaring a barleywine should help mellow its boozy flavor. The high alcohol content of a barleywine should make visiting with friends better for everyone.

The caps went on easily. I used this simple capper.

1 X Beer Bottle Caps – Oxygen Absorbing for Homebrew 144 count via Amazon