Newsweek: Trump's financial conflicts of interest 'A National Security Nightmare'

"If he wins, his many overseas deals would create a national security nightmare." That's the tease for the cover story in this week's edition of Newsweek, which contains a bombshell Kurt Eichenwald report detailing presidential candidate Donald Trump's financial conflicts of interest.

"HOW THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION'S FOREIGN BUSINESS TIES COULD UPEND U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY" is a must-read. Eichenwald is also digging into other sensitive information regarding Trump's medical history.

Before the report came out, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow read excerpts on her show.

Mediaite covers the anticipation among journalists for a reveal that Eichenwald said would change the campaign.

Eichenwald tweeted this interesting item earlier today, then yanked it: