My Dad Used to Be So Cool – so what the heck happened?

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My Dad Used to Be So Cool

by Keith Negley

Flying Eye Books

2016, 48 pages, 9.1 x 10.7 x 0.4 inches

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To believe that your own parents are "boring" or "typical" is a pretty common thought amongst children. Unless your parent is a spy or superhero, you aren't going to refer to them as "cool." And why would you?

Keith Negley's book, My Dad Used to Be so Cool, illustrates the dynamic between a son and his father. The story is told from the son's point of view as we journey through his fantasies of what his father used to be like when he was younger. Through descriptive illustrations and minimal word usage, a world that we are all too familiar with is created. The son sees his father doing laundry and vacuuming just like every other child has seen their parent do. Nothing particularly "cool" about those daily tasks, right? The son begs the question, "What happened?" A life event changed the father from a tattooed rock and roll super star to a laundry-folding dad. What was it? The answer – his son.

Negley perfectly demonstrates the sacrifices a parent makes for their child, but how beautiful those sacrifices really are. This story opened my eyes to how "cool" my own parents actually are. At 18 years old, I am not a parent but I can honestly say that the daily struggles and chores that any parent deals with are nothing short of remarkable.

This is a truly heart-warming tale and I would strongly recommend that not only children read this book but adults as well. The story is a solid reminder to appreciate our parents and if you are a parent, congratulate yourself because you are awesome. I look forward to my child asking me, "Did you use to be cool?" I'll laugh and smile. "You know, I was never that cool anyway."

– Madeline Shapiro