No More Road Trips? Feature film made from 90 families' home movies, 1925-78

Rick Prelinger writes, "Today I've released my 2013 feature film NO MORE ROAD TRIPS? to the world for viewing, public screening and remixing."

This 79-minute film, a dream ride through 20th-century America made entirely from home movies shot by some 90 families (1925-1978), asks whether we've come to the end of the open road. Have we reached "peak travel"? Can we still find fortune (and ourselves) on the highway? Are we nomads or stay-at-homes? A journey from the Atlantic Coast to California made from a collection of 9,000 home movies, NO MORE ROAD TRIPS? reveals hidden histories embedded in the landscape and seeks to blend the pleasures of travel with premonitions of its end.

For the first three years of its release, this film played before live audiences who made a fresh soundtrack each time with their words. Show it in public places, or with friends — it's meant to be shown to audiences who ask questions, make comments, disagree with one another, and generally act like vocal sports spectators or the rowdies in the pit in front of the Elizabethan stage. The film was generously funded by Creative Capital with major resource contributions from Internet Archive.

The film's released under the CC Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike license.