The BASICS wallet raised $170k on Kickstarter for good reason. Now it's in our store.

From Exploding Kittens to the Coolest Cooler, Kickstarter has changed my life with some ridiculously cool products in the past. They just did it again with the BASICS Wallet.

I like to travel light, and can't stand to carry a bulky wallet. But most thin wallets and card holders barely fit anything at all. BASICS is unique in that it's extremely thin, but still fits everything I like to carry daily, which is about 7 cards. If you have a card for literally everything, you can actually fit up to 15 cards and still easily slip it in your front pocket.

I keep my ID in the slot located on the exterior of the wallet so I can easily access it without taking everything out. There's also an additional built-in pocket to hold cash, coins, or keys.

The BASICS Wallet is made from premium knitted elastic that feels super high quality and durable. All in all, I can definitely see there's a reason it raised over $170,000 on Kickstarter.
For a limited time, the BASICS Wallet is 20% off, at just $18.99. It's available in black, red, mint, or gray.