Your foundation in C will prepare you to take on other popular coding languages

Whether this is your first language or another notch on your coding resume, this Complete C Family Programming Bundle is a great way to become an intelligent coder. Packed with 43 hours of content, this package of lessons teaches you C, C# and C++. Some of the courses included are:

C# Comprehensive Course - Dive into this Microsoft-developed programming language that’s used for a plethora of business applications that run on the .NET framework.

C Programming Course - C is one of the oldest and most widely used programming languages. This course will teach you how to harness it to express common coding ideas in an accessible way, making you an invaluable member of any programming  team.

C++ Comprehensive Course - Become fluent in this in-demand programming language that is used in the gaming industry, Adobe and Microsoft applications, and large portions of Mac OS/X.

It may take time and effort, but you'll truly understand the building blocks of the code by the end of this bundle. Plus your foundation in C will prepare you to take on other popular languages like Python and Javascript.

The Complete C Family Programming Bundle is now in the Boing Boing Store for just $39. Read the rest

Canadians: you have until Oct 7 to weigh in on using voting machines in national elections

"Canadians have until October 7, 2016 to provide their feedback to the Parliamentary Special Committee on Electoral Reform, which is studying the possibility of national online voting, along with having consultations about using electronic voting machines in national elections." Read the rest

4 days until Chelsea Manning's Disciplinary Board (for her suicide attempt)

The Chelsea Manning Support Network contacted us by email to inform us that:

1) The date of Chelsea's disciplinary board hearing has been changed to Thursday, September 22 at 9:30 am CST. Read the rest

International Criminal Court in the Hague will now try CEOs

CEOs whose businesses are complicit in human rights atrocities -- like the mass murder of people who object to land-grabs by mineral extraction companies -- can now be tried in the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Read the rest

Italy on the verge of the stupidest censorship law in European history

After a string of high-profile cyberbullying and revenge-porn incidents, the Italian Chamber of Deputies has put forward a bill that will do nothing to prevent these abuses, and everything to allow for rampant, unaccountable censorship of the Italian internet, without rule of law or penalty for abuse.