Lovely short film about the joys of performing magic

Denver-based street magician Edward Hammond is the subject of this charming short by John Allen that explores magic without focusing on the tricks themselves.

As an aside, John is making the most of his life under the name Parking with Foalhaus:

I sold my house and bought a class B camper van with the profits. Slowly but surely, I have been preparing for what will be the biggest journey of my life. My ultimate goal is to visit all 59 national parks in the United States. More than just visit them, I want to experience them. See the wild beauty that these places offer. Throughout this journey, I am vlogging, instagramming and blogging my experience. I have a plan to live a life geared toward making an impact in other people's lives.


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The First Secret // A Short about a Magician (YouTube / Parking with Foalhaus)