Douglas County, OR using dirty ballot tricks to finish off the slow murder of its libraries

For years, the Douglas County commissioners have reduced the budget of the county's 11 libraries, serving 100,000 residents, and they've vowed to zero out its budget next year, so the library's supporters got a ballot initiative to create a Special Library District that would keep the doors open — naturally, the county has removed all mention of the initiative from its website, using dirty tricks to finish off its dirty work.

The Douglas County Library is on the ballot this November 8th to possibly create a Special Library District to serve the people of their county. The county commissioners there have removed all mention of the library ballot measure from county websites, including information about what it would happen if it passes, and worse yet, how the library would close next year if it doesn't. This now-missing content is completely neutral, non-partisan information that addressed the plan for creating and funding the new library district. It was based on an independent "Economic Feasibility Study" and was ratified for the ballot by 9 of 11 cities in the county.

The library is on the ballot because the county commissioners have cut the library budget every year for the past few years, and have now promised to cut off all funding for the library next year. These same commissioners had placed the measure on the ballot a few weeks ago to "let the voters decide", but they are now suppressing voter information about the election. We are not sure why. But we know what this will do: voters won't know the facts, so rumors, hearsay and misinformation will rule the day.

Don't Suppress Voter Information in Douglas County, OR [Everylibrary]