Notes from Jeremy Corbyn's barn-burning speech at the Labour Party conference

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn — re-elected in an unprecedented landslide despite back-stabbing from party grandees and MPs — inaugurated his new term with a hell of a conference speech.

The Mirror sums up the eight main points from his speech: killing grammar schools and creating a fund for arts education and visits to cultural institutions; defending migration and creating a "migration impact fund" to expand public services in areas with big numbers of migrants; killing the cruel system of benefits sanctions; punishing party members who participate in anti-Semitic and misogynist abuse online; moving local services out of the private sector and back under direct council control; ending British arms deals with tyrannical regimes; ending tax evasion by multinationals and increasing corporate tax by 1.5% to fund education top-ups for poor kids; and building 12,000 council houses per year.

8 key points from Jeremy Corbyn's rousing Labour Conference speech
[Jason Beattie, Ben Glaze and Jack Blanchard/The Mirror]