Here's the Donald Trump sex tape (sort of)

GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump made a grotesque little cameo appearance in a Playboy softcore porn video released back in 2000. Do not worry, the appearance was very brief and he kept his clothes on. Because Jesus loves you.

"Beauty is beauty, and let's see what happens with New York," Trump says in the Playboy video.


You can watch it right here.

Buzzfeed reports today:

Trump's role in the porn is relatively benign and centers around him breaking a bottle of champagne on a Playboy-branded limo while several of the playmates are visiting New York City. BuzzFeed News obtained the footage from the online-only Buffalo, New York–based adult video store Cinema Cornucopia.

Other scenes from the film feature fully nude women posing in sexual positions, dancing naked, touching themselves while naked, touching each other sensually, rubbing honey on themselves, taking a bath, and dressing in costumes.

The VHS cover of the video reads: "From luxuriating in a warm, soapy tub, to reveling at an exclusive night club, Carol and Darlene bare their sex appeal and lead you on a sensual journey of discovery."

The presidential candidate woke up early today to post a series of slut-shaming, fat-shaming tweets on Friday attacking former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. In the first presidential debate earlier this week, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton mentioned Machado as one of the many women whom Trump treated badly over the years. The news cycle focused on Machado for the next few days, and she gave interviews about how Trump treated her in the late 1990s.

On Twitter starting around 3 in the morning today, Trump tweeted something about a Machado "sex tape." Andrew Kaczynski points out that all this amounts to is "a grainy night-vision video of her having sex while appearing on a reality show."

False rumors spread on right-wing websites earlier this week that Machado appeared in a number of online porn videos. The videos under her name on porn sites around the web don't feature the former beauty queen.

He was a busy guy in 2000. Here was the introduction video on his website,

And here's The Donald back in 1988 on CNN with Larry King.