Sci-Chi: Tai Chi for science fiction fans

Author Sean Williams writes, "Last weekend I was MC of a small con in Canberra, Conflux 12. To keep people limber, psychically as well as physically, I devised a form Sci-fi form of Tai Chi, which GOH Alan Baxter helped me demonstrate over the course of the weekend."

The moves are:

1. Rimmer Salute – part one

2. Jedi Mind Trick

3. Vulcan Nerve Pinch and Salute

4. Catch the Gungan͛s Tongue

5. Neo Shakes Off the Dust

6. Marty McFly Checks His Watch

7. Know Where Your Towel Is

8. Venusian Akido

9. Get Away from Her, You Bitch

10. Slayer Stake Strike Right

11. Slayer Stake Strike Left

12. Thunderbird Walk

13. I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

14 Rimmer Salute – part two