Celebrity "nano-impressions" with master impressionist Jim Meskimen

Our Boing Boing pal Joe Sabia shares this wonderful video his team created for Vanity Fair.

Impression master Jim Meskimen nails the tiny moments of A-list actors, including Paul Giamatti not holding the elevator door open, Bryan Cranston having trouble with border control, and Alan Rickman responding to his LinkedIn requests.

Full list of impressions:

• Bill Clinton pretends to like a home-cooked meal
• Sir Ian McKellan thinks he won the lottery then realizes he didn't

Colin Firth can't get his arm into his jacket

Woody Allen goes over 140 characters on Twitter

Paul Giamatti doesn't hold the elevator door open

Christopher Walken determines if milk has gone bad

Kit Harington tries to describe "ice" during a game of Taboo

Robin Williams doesn't know who he's singing "Happy Birthday" to

John Malkovich compliments an ugly baby

Tommy Lee Jones gets fed up with autocorrect

Alan Rickman responds to his LinkedIn requests

Jay Leno won't change out of his denim shirt

Dustin Hoffman can't believe Starbucks' prices

William Shatner applies the five second rule

Bryan Cranston has trouble at border control

Robert De Niro confronts someone who didn't clean up after their dog

Morgan Freeman can't find the end of a roll of packing tape

Ron Howard thinks about sex mid-sentence

Nicolas Cage gets brain freeze

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