Lou Dobbs apologizes for (maybe) doxxing Jessica Leeds, one of Donald Trump's alleged sexual assault victims

On Thursday, Lou Dobbs appears to have doxxed a woman who said Donald Trump sexually assaulted her. The Fox Business Channel anchor tweeted what is believed to have been Jessica Leeds' home address and phone number, and claimed she was linked to the Clinton Foundation.

Jessica Leeds recently told a New York Times reporter the man who would one day become the GOP presidential nominee grabbed her breasts, kissed her without consent, and tried to reach up her dress in flight on a plane over three decades ago. Donald Trump denies her story, just like he's denying the dozen or so other stories that have become public in recent days.

Dobbs later deleted the tweet which appeared to contain Ms. Leeds' personal information, and tweeted "My Retweet,My Mistake,My Apology to Jessica Leeds" with a link to a story by Politico.

From Politico:

Dobbs linked to a post from a conservative news site that purported to link Leeds to the Clinton Foundation. The site published Leeds' address and phone number — taken from public records — and then claimed, falsely, that her phone number is the same as a phone number for the Clinton Foundation.
He also quoted a tweet from a Trump supporter, which has since been deleted, that included Leeds' phone number and address.

Dobbs' tweet has been retweeted more than 800 times.