Trump already caught in pointless lie over former Miss Utah's claim of unwanted kiss

Yesterday, Donald Trump denied forcing a kiss on Temple Taggart McDowell, who accused him of doing so when she was Miss Utah in 1997.

"I don't know anything about her. I don't even know who she is. She claims this took place in a public area. I never kissed her. I emphatically deny this ridiculous claim,"

But in May, he not only admitted he knew her, but talked about the incident in detail, describing an appropriate kiss on the cheek, and claiming that she had 'recanted.'

"She recanted. She said it never happened," Trump told the Mail. "You know what? She was a nice kid. She was in front of her parents. We had thousands of people there in the audience. She said, 'Hi, Mr. Trump.' And she came over and gave me a hug and I gave her a kiss on the cheek."
"This was done on television!" he continued. "This was just before the pageant. And they made it sound like it was some act that happened in a dark bedroom somewhere."

Here's the video of McDowell's recollection.

Is it still a lie if he doesn't know or care if it's true or not when he denies it? His campaign chief thinks not.