#SavePepe: creator Matt Furie seeks to take back Pepe the Frog

Can something be un-memed? Matt Furie hopes his creation Pepe the Frog can have a second metamorphosis back from being a go-to troll image of the alt-right. He's teamed with ADL to #SavePepe. He even made a new cartoon about it.

Says the ADL:

"Pepe was never intended to be used as a symbol of hate," said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. "The sad frog was meant to be just that, a sad frog. We are going to work with Matt and his community of artists reclaim Pepe so that he might be used as a force for good, or at the very least to help educate people about the dangers of prejudice and bigotry." To that end, Furie will create a series of positive Pepe memes and messages, which ADL will promote on its social media channels with the hashtag, #SavePepe. ADL will encourage others to retweet and share positive images of the frog an in attempt to rehabilitate him and move his image out of the realm of hate speech.

So get your positive and uplifting rare Pepes ready for posting, like this one:


ADL Joins With "Pepe" Creator Matt Furie in Social Media Campaign to #SavePepe (via Slashdot)