Ecuadoran Embassy confirms it changed its wifi password to lock out Assange

The Ecuadoran Embassy in London has confirmed Wikileaks' accusation that it terminated Julian Assange's access to its wifi network because it disapproved of Assange and Wikileaks' "intervention in the affairs of other states" by publishing material pertaining to the impending US election.

The embassy describes the measure as "temporary" and asserts that it will not prevent Wikileaks "from carrying out its journalistic activities."

Wikileaks has claimed that Ecuador took the measure in response to pressure from the US State Department in retaliation for the publication of transcripts of Hillary Clinton's speeches to the finance industry, something that US Secretary of State John Kerry has denied; Ecuador's statement makes an oblique reference to the accusation, saying the country "does not yield to pressure from other states."

Ecuador says it disconnected Julian Assange's internet because of Clinton email leaks
[Jordan Golson/The Verge]