Expedia cancels family vacation flight, posts "Fuck You" on her account page

A Los Angeles School teacher named Cara Viramontes used Expedia to book travel for an upcoming family vacation. After she used the service, Viramontes filled out the survey that Expedia sent her. In the survey, the Viramontes expressed displeasure at the Expedia agent's "unhelpful" attitude.

CBS Los Angeles has the rest of the story:

When Viramontes logged in to check her itinerary on Expedia’s website last week, she found an expletive — in bold — followed by an exclamation mark. Yes, an Expedia employee appeared to have left her a message: “Fuck You!”

What’s more, she saw that her and her family’s New Year’s travel reservation had been cancelled without their consent.

“Everyone I show, they laugh and think it’s a joke,” she said. “No one can believe a company as credible as Expedia would ever do something like this.”

“We take this matter very seriously and have opened up an investigation analyzing every click and action made by our customer service agents,” s
said Expedia in a statement. Expedia says it plans to rebook Viramontes' reservation and give her a $500 voucher.