Canada man goes on racist rant over parking space for his truck

Police are investigating a Canadian man in a British Columbia border town after a video went viral that shows the man yelling racial slurs at another person, apparently over a parking ticket.

The unnamed man yells, "Is there a problem? Ya fuckin' 'Paki. Go back to fuckin' India," to the person filming him. The term "Paki" is a racial slur mostly used in the UK against people from South Asia.

The man then yells a series of escalating insults at the unidentified video-taker: "camel-riding motherfucker," then, "White power, motherfucker!," as he enters and then gets out of his truck again to call the filmer a "shit-skin Hindu."


"It actually originated with a traffic enforcement officer writing a violation ticket for the person in the truck," an Abbotsford police seargant told the CBC. "A passerby was concerned about the comments and altercation between the people in the truck and the traffic violation enforcement person."

CBS: Abbotsford police investigating 'shocking' racial slurs and altercation captured on video