Why The NYT buying The Wirecutter is such a big deal

Yesterday, we learned The Wirecutter (with sister site The Sweethome) was headed to New York City. It's the sort of good ending that's also a good beginning: they succeeded in their mission and have bright prospects for further growth. But Matt Haughey points out how much of the story everyone's missing: the entire site is a mere 1,000 posts.

I don't think anyone gives Brian the credit he deserves

1. He single-handedly built his own empire without having to cater to advertisers or investors.

2. He built a site that made revenue in a way that was previously uncharted.

3. He built it according to his own rules, without needing to pressure writers and editors to publish as often as possible.

4. He built a brand and a site that launched many copycats but no one ever matched it.

5. His sites work thanks to trust built up between readers and writers, and it works because editors help maintain integrity since the day it launched.

6. He did it all in a place far, far from the tech hubs of SF and NYC, in Honolulu. Where he gets to surf almost daily.

Not great taste in sub-cubic foot microwave ovens tho.