Kickstarting awesomely nerdy pie-guides

All through 2016, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka @ThePieous) has sent us a stream howtos for of amazing, artistic pies — an HR Giger pie, a James Bond pie, and a Predator pie. Now she's kickstarting a set of pie templates to help you make perfect pop-culture pastry in your own kitchen.

These templates solve the core problem of fancy pie-tops: "even working with pre-fab rollout crusts is too much of a challenge to "fancy up" because of the speed with which you have to work before the dough starts to dry out and crack." Her "pie-guides" allow you to create amazing, decorated pies in 10 minutes or less, well within the tolerance for pastry dough.

The templates are modular, letting you create many variations on the basic themes: unicorns, murder kitties, Cthulhu, fire-breathing dragons, mustaches, and, of course, Pi.

She's looking for $2000 to meet the minimum order from her prototypes. CAD$10 gets you one guide, CAD$75 gets you six pastry guides and two powder guides.

To correct the horrible imbalance of "regular" vs. "geeky" pies out there in the universe, I invented a simple modular system of Pie Guides that allow anyone – from baking novice to pie god – to create sophisticated and fun pie crust designs in under 10 minutes (because really, why should cakes have all the fun?)

Now I need your help to raise $2000 to place a minimum first order based on my prototypes.

If you, like me, believe it is time for pies to take their rightful place as the kings and queens of geeky desserts we all know they can be, click on that big 'ol green "Back This Project" button and 'dough your part' in becoming a true Pie-oneer!

Pies Are Awesome – Pie Guides [Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin/Kickstarter]