My sister made a Chewbacca piñata costume

A few weeks ago my good friend John Park created a video demonstration of how to hack the famous Happy Chewbacca mask to trigger your very own audio files.  And when my sister Christina told me she was building a Chewbacca-Pinata costume for her son, I naturally shared John's video with her.

What my sister ended up creating was the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

But before sharing some pics and a video of the costume in action, I wanted to set the bar very, very low by showing images of other homemade Chewbacca costumes I found online.


It's like looking in a Chewbacca mirror!





Yes, you can purchase this one!



And this is my favorite one of all. The caption under this photo read, "Look at Chewbacca's feet!".

The truth is, that's all I'm looking at.

So now that you're primed for awesomeness, here are some pics of the creative process and a video of the finished product.



Christina started with an ordinary fleece jacket and started attaching strips of paper to it in layers.


She kept working upwards and onto the store-bought Chewbacca mask.  And Ryan just kept standing there.


Christina made Chewbacca-pantaloons by applying the same paper layering techniques onto a pair of sweatpants.

Holy crap is that a fantastic Chewbacca-Piñata costume, but from what I can tell there is a fatal flaw.


The costume is called a "Chewbacca Piñata" and piñatas are meant to be hit with a stick or a baseball bat. If I had my way, to avoid a run-ins with stick carrying bullies, the name would be changed to something simple, like for instance, "Chewbacca".

Potato, piñata.


If you'd like to make your own Chewbacca Piñata, follow this link but be warned, it's going to suck about 40 hours of your life away.


May the force be with you.