Draw like an artist: go from "I can't draw" to "handmade art for sale"

Boing Boing-beloved artist Chris Locke (previously) writes, "World-famous artist and middle-school art teacher Christopher Locke has published a new drawing tutorial book, packed with lessons from his own classroom. Whether you're a 10-year-old aspiring artist, or an octogenarian with an art degree, you'll find exercises and activities that will help you build your skill and refine the way you see the world."

"This isn't one of those old dried-up 'how to draw fifty battleships' books. It's a set of activities that progressively guide the reader from 'I can't draw' to 'handmade art for sale!' Along the way, each lesson is written out by a man who spends his days keeping tweens awake and smiling."

Draw Like This! is a fully illustrated guide to drawing that will walk you through simple prompts and challenges, helping you learn to draw from the inside out. Topics include:

– Grid drawing

– 2-point perspective

– Negative space

– Op Art

– The human face and body

– Elements of design

– Shape, form, and line

– Color and texture

Engaging for beginners as well as veteran illustrators, and sure to appeal to kids, adults, teachers, and others, this is not your parents' illustration guide. Get ready to love drawing!

Draw Like This!: How Anyone Can See the World Like an Artist–and Capture It on Paper [Christopher Locke/Tarcher Perigee]