4 egg mold fails that you should definitely try at home

In honor of Halloween, the Boing Boing Store is featuring an awesome Egg/Cookie Mold Set. Naturally, many have tried and many have failed to use egg molds in the past – and today we're celebrating those that have "Nailed It"! 

#1 One of these things is not like the other…


#2 No kidding…


#3 YUM

#4 Nailed it!

These molds are supposedly easy to use—just place the mold in your frying pan and crack two eggs into the rings. In the time it usually takes to cook your eggs, you'll either have an awesome creation or a total fail. Either way, you're a winner in our book.

For a limited time, the Skull & Owl Egg/Cookie Molds are 40% off retail, just $11.98—grab yours before they're bought up by internet meme enthusiasts everywhere.

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