The Pirate Party are poised to form Iceland's government in Saturday's election

The Icelandic Pirate Party did not score the overwhelming victory predicted by early polling, but with 14.5% of the total vote, they are still in position to be the senior party in a ruling coalition that could form the next government.

According to the first results that came in over the past few hours, one in five Icelanders voted Pirate in the national parliamentary elections. This is an impressive victory for the Pirate Party, which increased the number of parliament seats from three to nine in just three years.

This makes the Pirates one of the big winners of the election, and the third largest party in the country behind the Independence Party and the Left-Green Movement which got 29.1% and 15.8% of the votes.

Traditionally, Iceland has a coalition government consisting of several parties. With this outcome the party now has a prominent seat at the negotiation table, where the new government will be formed during the weeks to come.

Pirate Party Books Election Victory in Iceland

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