Pay what you want to learn to code with AWS and Python

The Learn to Code 2016 Bundle is an extremely cost-efficient way to learn to code online. This is how it works: you can pay anything you want to get two courses that introduce you to Git and AWS. If you beat the average price (currently $19.36), you'll get 9 courses with over 92 hours of instruction. 

The bundle of courses covers all of the major programming languages that top tier employers are looking for: including HTML5, Ruby, and Python. There are many different specialities you could have as a coder, and this bundle allows you to explore them and decide what you like best. Here are two of the included courses we recommend for any beginner coder:

AngularJS – AngularJS helps developers become more efficient, more productive, and deliver rich client-side experiences with every line of code. It's a great skill to have on any coding resume.

Python – Python is a fantastic beginner coding language as it's fairly simple to dive into. The versatile language is used for everything from web development to data analytics to game development. 

There are plenty of way to learn to code: from traditional college to coding bootcamps, but they can cost thousands of dollars. If you really want to learn to code on a budget, this is the best option out there. Click here to pay what you want and learn to code.

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