Cabinet of Natural Curiosities – A treasure trove of exquisite botanical images, copyright free

Albertus Seba was a Dutch pharmacist working in the early 1700s who collected exotic plants and animals samples that may or may not have medicinal purposes. He crammed his Amsterdam shop with 700 jars of unusual specimens. He then commissioned a dozen artists to make engravings based on his collection, which were published in hand-colored volumes. This huge oversized reproduction by Taschen is the meta-collection of those volumes. It's a treasure trove of many thousands of exquisite botanical images, in large format, drawn with obsessive detail, in great diversity, copyright free. Perfect if you need a logo based on a squid, or a blue snake.

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

by Albertus Seba


2011, 416 pages, 9.7 x 13.3 x 1.5 inches (hardcover)

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