Chicago cop who sexually assaulted a man with a screwdriver keeps his job

In October, a civil court jury ruled that Chicago police officer Scott Korhonen sexually assaulted a 20-year-old black man with a screwdriver.

The taxpayers will pay $4 million to the victim. They will also continue to pay Officer Korhonen's salary, because he gets to keep his job.

From The Guardian

District Court Judge James Holderman, who presided over the hearing, said in court documents there was a "preponderance of evidence" in Mr Coffie's favour.

"This was a clear case," he said, ruling that: "Korhonen unreasonably inserted a screwdriver in Coffie's rectum in violation of Coffie's constitutional rights and that [Korhonen's partner, Officer Gerald] Lodwich knowingly failed to stop Korhonen's unconstitutional conduct."

"In addition, the evidence clearly showed that Korhonen and Lodwich each knowingly testified falsely at the trial."

Officer Korhonen's mother must be so proud of her son.