Black Lives Matter declares its opposition to TPP

It's been one year since the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership was finally released after years of extreme, tragicomic secrecy.

In that year, TPP went from a fringe issue to a central election battle, with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump (and later, Hillary Clinton), all agreeing that it's not a "trade deal" — it's a kind of wishlist from multinational corporations that will allow them to subvert environmental, consumer, labor and safety laws to ensure maximum profits — and uniting in their opposition to it.

Now, add another name to the list of TPP's strange bedfellows opponents: Black Lives Matter, who have found a signature plank in Donald Trump's platform that they can endorse wholeheartedly, as improbable as that may sound. It's pitting the Congressional black caucus against Obama, who sees TPP as his legacy. Here's a clip from a paywalled piece at Politico Pro:

The group — best known best for its protests of police shootings of African-Americans — has joined the fray over the Asian Pacific trade deal as part of its growing focus on economic issues, contending the pact would lead to greater racial injustice. It ties past trade deals to the closures of factories that have hurt black workers disproportionately and increased black poverty.

TPP Has Picked Up a Powerful Enemy — Black Lives Matter [Gauis Publius]