Documentary on the endangered art of hollerin', possibly the earliest form of human communications

Filmmaker Brian Gersten writes, "'The Hollerin' Contest at Spivey's Corner' is a documentary short about the history, characters, and sounds of the National Hollerin' Contest. Hollerin' itself is considered by some to be the earliest form of communication between humans, and the competition has been held annually in the small town of Spivey's Corner, NC since 1969. The film follows the stories of three former champions as they attempt to reclaim their titles, and keep the oft-forgotten tradition of hollerin' alive."

"This past summer it was announced that the hollerin' contest would be ending after 47 years. Former hollerin' champions Robby Goodman and Iris Turner have decided to carry on the tradition and launch their own 'World Wide Hollerin' Festival.' To honor the tradition of hollerin' and to celebrate the inaugural Hollerin' Festival, we've decided to release our documentary on vimeo."