Chinese police make full-beam drivers stare into headlights for punishment

"Tonight we are carrying out punishments using a high beam," said Shenzhen Traffic Police on their Weibo account. The photos posted by the police show people seated in folding chairs facing a police car with its headlights on. The punishment is administered for one minute. Violators are also fined $44.

From BBC:

On the Weibo microblogging site, many people agree. "Am I the only one who thought a minute was too short?" reads one comment, which garnered 12,000 likes from other users. Another person feels the campaign is "long overdue", while one berates "selfish, inconsiderate drivers". A few people are concerned that the punishment could seriously damage eyesight, and one declares: "This is a human rights violation".

Shenzhen's traffic police have opted for unconventional penalties before. Last year, they made jaywalkers choose between paying a fine or wearing a green hat and vest while directing traffic.