John Oliver shreds multi-level-marketing pyramid schemes

Oliver's 30+ minute investigative piece on Mary Kay, Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Rodan and Fields and the rest of the MLM basket of deplorables shows how the Facebook era has supercharged these semi-criminal enterprises, entrapping thousands of people in a cycle of debt and deception that is fuelled by celebrity endorsers, including Madeline Albright.

The pitch ends with a fabulous, MLM-promo-style video about the dangers of MLMs, in English (also available with Spanish subtitles, ready to be shared to your ensnared Facebook friends.

"Let me break it down for you," Oliver explains. "By sharing this, you can be an independent distributor for a leading web video about the dangers of MLMs."

"You can do this full time or part time and give your family the lifestyle they deserve, which is frankly not getting caught up in this bulls**it."

"Here is how it works: simply watch this video, and forward it to five people. And then instruct them to send it to another five people, and so on and so on. Within fourteen cycles, every single person on Earth will have seen this."

John Oliver Wants To Sell You On Why Multi-Level Marketing Stinks [Kate Cox]