Shepard Fairey's Trump poster: DEMAGOGUE

The artist whose iconic Obama/HOPE posters were the subject of a bitter legal dispute while simultaneously defining the 2008 campaign has produced a poster for Trump, entitled "Demagogue."

The poster is inspired by Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four (Fairey also designed a stunning cover for that novel) and is his second political poster of the campaign, the other being for Bernie Sanders.

Fairey says he hasn't drawn a Hillary poster because although he supports her as preferable to Trump, she does not inspire him.

"I haven't always agreed with her. I was really disappointed in her support of the Iraq war. But I think she's been on the right side of issues that I care about and we're faced with a choice I think is a very, very clear choice."

"I think Hillary Clinton is much better for the United States than Donald Trump."

DEMAGOGUE [Shepard Fairey/Obeygiant]

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