Serbian ultra-nationalists celebrate Trump's victory

If there's anyone qualified to recognize a genocidal strongman when they see one, it's the far-right Serbian and Macedonian ultra-nationalists who celebrate the Milosevic legacy of rape-camps, genocide and ethnic cleansing, and those guys love Donald Trump.

The reaction is mixed with a widespread generalized loathing for the Clintons thanks to the perception that Bill Clinton bears the blame for the civilian deaths and the privation during the Nato interventions in the former Yugoslavia.

The morning after the US elections, the editor of Informer, a pro-government tabloid in Serbia, announced they'd put up a billboard congratulating Trump in Belgrade reading, "We congratulate! Trump, you the Serb!".

Informer is considered very close to the government of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, and had been involved in 'media lynchings' — smear campaigns and issuing threats against investigative journalists who had revealed cases of high-level corruption.

Nationalists and Populists in Serbia and Macedonia Celebrate Trump's Victory
[Marko Angelov/Global Voices]