Vibrant mesh ceiling art installations

SOFTlab creates handmade mesh sculptures that appear to melt and flow from ceilings, down stairwells, and from vaulted lobbies. Their most recent, Ventricle, evokes the human heart.


Ventricle is a two-part installation that was commissioned by the Southbank Centre in London for the Festival of Love. The installations recall the heart, a symbol that has been used for many centuries and in many cultures to represent love. Along with the chambers of the heart, the installations are a modern interpretation of the hanging gardens of Babylon, a place of many cultures and languages, and also of Eden, a place of free knowledge and expression. The geometry for each structure is designed using form finding software to engineer the optimal hanging shape. The structure of each piece is made of thousands of uniquely laser cut aluminum pieces riveted together to form a large net. This net is clad in 3Ms solar reflective film that redirects the spectrum of light depending on the angle it passes through the surface, both amplifying and colorizing the light in different shades.

They also installed one for Adobe's offices.


My personal favorite is this one for New York retail space Melissa:


Bonus video: a making-of piece:

Ventricle (SOFTlab via Behance)