Lin-Manuel Miranda and family visit an Austrian meadow and re-enact The Sound of Music

A unicorn chaser for an American week of purgatory (don't think about The Postman, don't think about The Postman, don't think about The Postman).

Recently, Miranda shared that he and his family took a trip to Austria–his wife's family originates from that part of the world–and since one of the mandated films in his family growing up was The Sound of Music, clearly they all had to go on the tour that visits all of the filming locations from the movie, right?

However, his dad Luis took it one step further by hiring a professional film crew and deciding to recreate one of the most famous scenes from the movie, in which Maria and the Von Trapp kids sing "Do Re Mi" and frolic through the streets of Austria (much to the later chagrin of the Captain). Taking advantage of the fact that they were in the country where it happened, the Miranda family embraced the moment wholeheartedly and the result is one of the most uplifting videos I've seen all week.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Family Recreated The Sound of Music in Austria
[Carly Lane/The Mary Sue]