VIDEO: Tension mounts as French forces try to halt progress of suicide truck

We interrupt your growing anxiety at America's emergent cyberpunk dystopia for a tense missive from the Syrian War. In this video, an explosive-laden suicide truck bears down on a position held (reportedly by French special forces with the SDF) near Raqqa. The perspective on the video makes it hard to tell, but the vehicle is well-armored and only seconds from putting the defenders in serious trouble. Bullets ricochet off; a missile sails past its target. It is not long before everyone is becoming quite alarmed at the driver's progress. What happens next, though, will probably not surprise you.

A transcript of the French soldiers, by Olivier-FR:

00:04 FR : Prepare the Milan

00:05 FR : Quick quick quick

00:08 EN : Shoot him shoot him

00:09 FR : Yeah confirmed confirmed

00:12 FR : 1700 1700 meters … 1700 … 1700 meters

00:22 FR : 1400

00:24 FR : Yes it is one … it is one (suicide vehicle)

00:28 — 1st missile goes away (Milan)

00:31 FR : Kill it kill it kill it… kill it kill it kill it

00:36 — 1st missile miss

00:38 FR : Missed missed

00:40 FR : 800 meters

00:41 — 2nd missile away (Javelin, in top-attack mode)

00:46 — Car is destroyed (Can see the missile in 2-3 frames)

00:51 FR : Good job

00:54 FR : Cautious, lay down lay down (debris)

00:59 FR : We prepare another… we prepare another (missile)

01:10 FR : Watch out you with your gun, in my back

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