A more advanced fidget gadget from Chris Bathgate

Sculptor-machinist Chris Bathgate has improved on his Slider "worry-stone" gadget for occupying your nervous hands, using techniques he learned through his collaboration with spinning top-maker Richard Stadler.

The new gadget, whose working title is the "S2," and he's doing a very small (fewer than 30 pieces) production run before using this as the basis for a much larger, one-of-a-kind sculpture.

I want to use this small design as well as the experience of building this edition to create a larger, more elaborate "one of a kind" work.

I like the idea of using the internal logic of a functional art piece to spin out a completely non functional, full size sculptural work.

You know, intentionally going further down the rabbit hole.

I have the beginnings of a larger design based on this prototype, but I am going to take my time and let the project have plenty of influence along the way.

Let's call it the S2 for simplicity's sake. [Chris Bathgate]